Steve Ladue
Rhythm Guitar/ Banjo/ Lead Vocals:
Bill Herring
Upright Bass:
Chris VanCleve
   The Rochester NY based band, 1916, are an explosive concoction of the modern Irish Punk movement with an original mix of psychobilly which gives 1916 a sound that stands apart from other bands of the genre.
    Starting as an acoustic duo in 2006, Bill Herring and Steve LaDue played the traditional Irish ballads of the Dubliners and Wolfe Tones in the local pubs in and around their hometown of Rochester, NY. They decided to call themselves 1916 to get people interested in Irish history. Then in 2010 they decided to take the music to a new level with the addition of electric guitars, traditional instruments, and a full drum set. Within a few months of trying their new sound, 1916 were opening for the likes of the Dropkick Murphys among other national acts. 
    In late 2011, bassist Chris VanCleve joined 1916 to give the band the final integral piece that gives the music it’s unique flavor. Using his chops as an upright bass player, Chris was as drawn to this new sound as he was to his first groundbreaking band, the Quakes. The band was now ready to hit the road as well as the studio.
    On St. Patrick’s Day of 2012, 1916 released their first studio album, A Drop of the Pure, to rave reviews. 1916 became the first band from Rochester NY to get their own Pandora station with the addition of their music into the Pandora Genome project. With their music now reaching a global audience, 1916 would gain fans all over the world. 
    The following year, 1916 released their sophomore album, Stand Up & Fight; a collection of covers and originals with a more polished sound than the raw punk feel of A Drop of the Pure. The new album featured a more traditional music sensibility to the punk feel of the music, which gave the songs more soul and passion. As the band evolved they kept touring and playing as many shows as they could. Eventually they found a new member of the crew in Sean Casey on guitar. Sean’s history as a guitarist and fun loving nature made him a perfect fir for the band. They now continue to grow and evolve as artists and play out as often as they can. 
    Most recently, in November of 2014, Bill, Steve, Sean and Chris went back into the studio to begin work on their third album, “Last Call for Heroes”. The album was released to rave reviews and was named in the “Top three punk albums of 2016” according to London Celtic Punks. The band did an east coast tour in spring of 2016 followed by a supporting spot on the Flogging Molly “Salty Dog Cruise” in the Bahamas. The guys then toured Ireland for the 100 year anniversary of the 1916 Easter Uprising and brought their own style of American Irish Punk to amazing crowds from Dublin to Kilkenny. 
    1916 currently has plans for a west coast tour in 2017 and European tours after that. Stay tuned for more from one of the best damned Irish Punk bands around!
Backing Vocals: 
Sean Casey
Jon Kane